Having been at this awhile now, it has become clear that older posts can become difficult to access.  Here, then, is a place where they can be found more easily.

I have two notes about this page:

1. this page is under construction and is being filled as time allows.  2015 is done, as is the latter part of 2019.  I know, I should make up my mind.

2. many of the jazz posts have been affected by YouTube’s takedown of MusicProf78’s page.  That page had become my go-to source for many of these records, and the links are now useless.  Alternate sources will be found and substituted as time allows.

June, 2020

A Full 100 Watts  6/19/20

Wicks Kicks By The Ted Nash Quintet – An Obscure Bop That’s On The Nose  6/12/20

WWMLKS? (What Would Martin Luther King Say)  6/5/20

May, 2020

Technicolor: The Most Colorful Black & White Movies Ever  5/29/20

Throwing Out Six Telephones  5/22/20

(Not Exactly) Poetic License  5/15/20

Thirty Years  5/8/20

Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang – Goin’ Places  5/1/20

April, 2020

Open or Closed?  4/24/20

Notes From Coronavirus House Arrest  4/17/20

Musical Miscastings – Wherein Frank Sinatra And Ella Fitzgerald Try Trading Styles  4/10/20

Campbell’s Soup Saves The World From The Coronavirus Apocalypse!  4/3/20

March, 2020

Our Commitment To You During The COVID-19 Outbreak 3/27/20

When The Internet Is Worthless – Wherein The Author Finds His Bearings  3/20/20

Artie Shaw – So Easy. Except When It Isn’t  3/13/20

The Coronavirus – A Reality Check?  3/6/20

February, 2020

Time For (A) Change  2/28/20

Remembering Mr. Tiller  2/21/20

Button Up Your Overcoat – Or How To Keep An Old Song Perpetually Young  2/14/20

The Basics Done Well  2/7/20

January, 2020

French Burnt Peanuts – 2020 Edition  1/31/20

Dear Queen Elizabeth – Wherein The Author Humbly Submits A Suggestion To Her Royal Highness Concerning Her Familial Difficulties  1/24/20

Ella Fitzgerald – Lucky So And So: The Other Lady Sings The Blues  1/17/20

A Full Tank  1/10/20

2020: It’s Here – Or Is It?  1/3/20

December, 2019

52  12/27/19

Christmas The Magnavox Way  12/20/19

Memoriam  12/13/19

Here’s Something Cool – In A June Christy Kind Of Way  12/6/19

November, 2019

The Tile  11/29/19

On Leaves, Nuts and Squirrels  11/22/19

Thanks-giv-A?  11/15/19

Claude Thornhill Plays Robbin’s Nest – Cool Jazz In Gestation  11/8/19

Slouching Into Pop Culture Obsolescence – They’re Coming To Take Me Away 11/1/19

October, 2019

A New Toy – Why Is This A Thing?  10/25/19

Musings On Life After College, Daughters And Coffee Tables  10/18/19

Blogging Success – You’ve Got Spam!  10/11/19

Duke Ellington – Main Stem  10/4/19

September, 2019

Offering A Toast To Pop-Tarts  9/27/19

Two Graves – John Dillinger And Louis Chevrolet  9/20/19

Quitting The Newspaper: A Step By Step Guide  9/13/19

Coleman Hawkins (With Charlie Parker) – Bean & Bird Blend In A Ballad  9/6/19

August, 2019

No Fair!  8/31/19

The Law – What Is It, Exactly?  8/23/19

Scrapple: A Love Letter  8/16/19

When Cool Was New – The Miles Davis Nonet Plays Jeru  8/9/19

Reading The Obituaries  8/2/19

July, 2019

How About A Little Thunder?  7/26/19

Making Choices   7/19/19

How Jazz Got All Bixed Up (And Was Never The Same Again)  7/12/19

My German Farmer Problem Revisited  7/5/19

June, 2019

Four Years  6/28/19

Rose Room By The Benny Goodman Sextet – Meet Charlie Christian And His E-Lectric Guitar  6/21/19

What Catholic Renewal Looks Like  6/14/19

Thoughts On A Neighborhood Walk  6/7/19

May, 2019

On Being Held Captive By A German Farmer  5/31/19

Let’s Get Sirius  5/24/19

More Things I Have Learned From Lawyering  5/17/19

Manteca – Jalapeno Bebop  5/10/19

My White Car Blues  5/3/19

April, 2019

Of Chicken And Ice Cream And Politics  4/26/19

Death And Taxes  4/19/19

The Piano Recital  4/12/19

Celebrating Laurel & Hardy  4/5/19

March, 2019

Fun With Ginger Ale And A Slide Rule  3/29/19

My Wild Bachelor Weekend  3/22/19

Are You Dishonest? Or Just Stupid?  3/15/19

How Is The Music Of 1965 Like The World Today?  3/8/19

My Trip To A Tattoo Parlor  3/1/19

February, 2019

The Most Famous Record You Have Never Heard Of (Or The Most Obscure Record You Have Heard A Hundred Times)  2/22/19

Winning The Step-Family Lottery  2/15/19

Jury Duty!  2/8/19

Battle Of The Bands – Miller vs. Goodman and Two Strings Of Pearls  2/1/19

January, 2019

Take A Leter – If You Cann  1/25/19

Snow Day!  1/18/19

Getting To Know My Grandfather – Through A Hand Truck  1/11/19

How I Spent My 2018 – And How You Did Too  1/4/19

December, 2018
Raising A Glass To The New Year  12/28/18

Baby It’s Bad Outside  12/21/18

Killing A Piano  12/14/18

Celebrating Advent – With Spray Paint  12/7/18

November, 2018

216 Miles For A Can Of Stew  11/30/18

Fire Meets Ice: Wherein King Kole And Kenton Kollaborate Under An Orange Colored Sky  11/23/18

The Answer To Life’s Problems  11/16/18

Community  11/9/18

Have You Ever Noticed? (Part 2)  11/2/18

  October, 2018

My Lucky Day  10/26/18

This Movie Reminds Me Of Something  10/19/18

Fryin’ Fish – Is It Jazz Or Rock & Roll?  10/12/18

The Nest Empties  10/5/18

September, 2018

The Accidental Catholic Tourist  9/28/18

A Trial Lawyer’s Secrets For Critical Reading  9/21/18

Strangers In A Strange Land  9/14/18

Finishing A Book  9/7/18

August, 2018

My Take On The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandals  8/31/18

Voices In My Head  8/24/18

How To Get Rich Quick (And Unrich Just As Quickly)  8/17/18

I Am The 1%!  8/10/18

Sarah Vaughan’s Black Coffee – Simply Divine  8/3/18

July, 2018

William F. Harvey – The Original Borking?  7/27/18

King v. Alinsky: Which Man Is Most Influential Today?  7/20/18

My Doomed Love Affair – St. Adalbert Church of Chicago, Illinois  7/13/18

What Is In A Sound?  7/6/18

June, 2018

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May, 2018

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April, 2018

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March, 2018

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February, 2018

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January, 2018

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October, 2017

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September, 2017

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July, 2017

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May, 2017

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December 2016

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November, 2016

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January, 2016

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December, 2015

Merry Christmas!     12/25/2015

Letting Go     12/18/2015

My Own Little War On Christmas     12/11/2015

Some Questions About Climate Change     12/4/2015

November, 2015

Missing A Friend     11/27/2015

So What Is This Religious Order Business, Anyway?     11/20/2015

Shinin’ Shoes     11/13/2015

Raised By Germans     11/6/2015

October, 2015

Parents Weekend     10/30/2015

Closing Time    10/23/2015

Watching Baseball     10/16/2015

Daylight Slavings    10/9/2015

The Dominican and the Franciscan – An Argument Waiting to Happen or Two Paths to the Same Place?    10/2/2015

September, 2015

So What Is This Pope Business Anyway     9/25/2015

Three Minutes Well Spent     9/18/2015

Jared And Planned Parenthood: Is There A Fundamental Difference?     9/11/2015

Tools Of The Devil     9/4/2015

August, 2015

About Sandcastles, And Why They Matter     8/27/2015

Musings On College, Daughters And Sinatra     8/21/2015

Are You The Hammer Or The Anvil?     8/14/2015

French Burnt Peanuts And Other Disappointments Of Life    8/7/2015

July, 2015

Woody ‘N Me  7/31/2015

Breakfast With An Exorcist  7/24/2015

And So It Begins . . .  7/17/2015