Having been at this awhile now, it has become clear that older posts can become difficult to access.  Here, then, is a place where they can be found more easily.

I have two notes about this page:

1. this page is under construction and is being filled as time allows.  2015 is done, as is 2018, 2019, 2020 and up to the more or less present.  I know, I should make up my mind, but the gulf of unfinished stuff is getting smaller.

2. many of the jazz posts have been affected by YouTube’s takedown of MusicProf78’s page.  That page had become my go-to source for many of these records, and the links are now useless.  Update!  pretty much all of those links have been replaced, with one notable exception.  A piece that walked us through music of 1965 (March, 2019) was decimated and I have not gone back through to find replacement links.  Alternate sources will be found and substituted as time allows.

December, 2021

2021 – It’s A Wrap  12/31/21

It’s Christmas Eve – Don’t You Have Something Else To Do?  12/24/21

A Jolly (And Holy) Christmas From Frank Sinatra  12/17/21

They’re. Trying. To. Kill. Me.  12/10/21

The Boswell Sisters (or How Three Little Girls From New Orleans Changed Popular Jazz Singing)  12/3/21

November, 2021

My State Has A Favorite Snack – And Boy Am I Embarassed  11/26/21

Things Grandma Used To Say  11/19/21

Audio Format Wars III: Columbia Goes Long  11/12/21

The Simpson File, And Other Disasters Averted  11/5/21

October, 2021

Phil Harris – More Than Just Your (Above) Average Bear  10/29/21

Vax Mandates – An Informal Legal Analysis And A Civics Review  10/22/21

Wherein The Author Celebrates Hamburgers  10/15/21

Give Me Some Credit – The Continuing Education System  10/8/21

Girl Power in Classic Jazz – Three Songs From The 40’s Where The Girls Tell Their Guys To Amscray  10/1/21

September, 2021

When The Power Goes Out  9/24/21

Finishing A Movie – How Hard Should It Be?  9/17/21

The End Of The Road? Wrestling With The German Farmer  9/10/21

Artie Shaw In Stereo – In 1939?  9/3/21

August, 2021

Would You Buy Your Old Car Again?  8/27/2021

Watching My Government Fail  8/20/2021

The Olympics Came Back, And I Was No Longer Special – A Contrarian’s Lament  8/13/2021

Cuba + New York = The Music Of Machito and His Afro Cubans – The Padre of Latin Jazz  8/6/2021

July, 2021

Keeping, Giving, Enjoying (or How to Turn Something Old And Useless Into Something New)  7/30/21

Shakin’ It Up – With Pudding?  7/23/21

Congratulations On Your Nomination  7/16/2021

Jazz Connections – Wherein Ed Sullivan, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Frank Sinatra, The Mambo and The FBI All Somehow Meander Into The Presentation of a Single Thirteen Minute 1950 Video Clip  7/9/2021

A Way Forward – An Encouraging Experience  7/2/2021

June, 2021

Happy Birthday Kevin Bordner – And Other Things I Will Never Forget  6/25/21

Big Band Jazz of the 1970’s – Keeping It Fresh  6/18/21

Space Food Sticks – Because Space Is Awesome!  6/11/21

Pruning The Bucket List  6/4/21

May, 2021

Thoughts On Attending An Ordination   5/28/21

The (Original) Voice – Not A TV Show But The Young Band Singer, Frank Sinatra  5/21/21

It’s BAAAAAAK! – Thoughts on A Forgotten Scourge  5/14/21

Wherein The Author Engages In Red-Baiting (no, not that kind) 5/7/2021

April, 2021

Comes The Woodsman  4/30/21

Cleaning Out A Wallet  4/23/21

Campfires — We Want Smore!  4/16/2021

Since I Fell For You – Twenty Years And Five Flavors of a Top 5 Hit Song  4/9/2021

Remembering Mother Angelica – And Why She Mattered  4/2/2021

March, 2021

Audio Format Wars II – Yes, But What Kind Of Disc?  3/26/21

Circus Peanuts – Worst Candy Ever?  3/19/21

Gerry Mulligan And Chet Baker – Two Cool Cats  3/12/21

First World Problems – CPSDS (Cell Phone Sudden Death Syndrome)  3/5/21

February, 2021

My (Very) Brief Career With Burger King  2/26/21

Guilty Pleasures: Kellogg’s Corn Pops  2/19/21

Louis Armstrong Plays West End Blues – And Therein Invents Modern Jazz   2/12/21

Storage Wars: Living My Own Reality Show  2/5/21

January, 2021

Have You Ever Noticed – Continued  1/29/21

The Things Of The People Of Our Lives  1/22/21

Nagasaki: Four Guys Named Mills Sing Some (Not Very) Japanese Jazz  1/15/21

Divorce – The Gift That Keeps On Giving  1/8/21

Things Are Looking Up?  1/1/21

December, 2020

It Is Christmas  12/25/20

All I Want For Christmas  12/18/20

Are There Rules Of The Road At Costco?  12/11/20

Cab Calloway – Doing It All, From The Cotton Club To The Blues Brothers (With A Hi-De-Ho And A Wah-Dee-Dah) 12/4/20

November, 2020

Thoughts On Covid-Infused November And Thankfulness  11/27/20

My Short Career In Street Racing  11/20/20

Pssst. Wanna Hear My Secret About The Frosty?  11/13/20

I Like Ike – The Most Famous Ukulele Player Ever (But He’s Not Famous For That)  11/6/20

October, 2020

Have Programmers Have Ruined The World?  10/30/20

The Best Of Fall – Where The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Slushie  10/23/20

Movie Theaters – DOA?  10/16/20

Rex Stewart Goes All Zaza – Which Is Good  10/9/20

On Ice Cream, Tradition, And Innovation  10/2/20

September, 2020

The Covid Files – Entertaining In Relative Distance  9/25/20

Experts – A Look Behind The Curtain  9/18/20

I Can’t Get Started – Bunny On The Money  9/11/20

Oh My, A Fry High  9/4/20

August, 2020

The Original Audio Format War: Cylinder vs. Disc  8/28/20

Reuben To The Rescue  8/21/20

I Wonder – Pvt. Cecil Gant – The (Re-) Birth Of The Blues?  8/14/20

A Window Into The Past  8/7/20

July, 2020

Yet More Things I have Learned From Lawyering  7/31/20

J P And The Giant (Box Of) Peach(es)  7/24/20

Red Top – Two Versions To Double Your Pleasure  7/17/20

This: A Little Bit Of Beauty In A Troubled World  7/10/20

Suit Up!  7/3/20

June, 2020

Missing An Ordination 6/26/20

A Full 100 Watts  6/19/20

Wicks Kicks By The Ted Nash Quintet – An Obscure Bop That’s On The Nose  6/12/20

WWMLKS? (What Would Martin Luther King Say)  6/5/20

May, 2020

Technicolor: The Most Colorful Black & White Movies Ever  5/29/20

Throwing Out Six Telephones  5/22/20

(Not Exactly) Poetic License  5/15/20

Thirty Years  5/8/20

Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang – Goin’ Places  5/1/20

April, 2020

Open or Closed?  4/24/20

Notes From Coronavirus House Arrest  4/17/20

Musical Miscastings – Wherein Frank Sinatra And Ella Fitzgerald Try Trading Styles  4/10/20

Campbell’s Soup Saves The World From The Coronavirus Apocalypse!  4/3/20

March, 2020

Our Commitment To You During The COVID-19 Outbreak 3/27/20

When The Internet Is Worthless – Wherein The Author Finds His Bearings  3/20/20

Artie Shaw – So Easy. Except When It Isn’t  3/13/20

The Coronavirus – A Reality Check?  3/6/20

February, 2020

Time For (A) Change  2/28/20

Remembering Mr. Tiller  2/21/20

Button Up Your Overcoat – Or How To Keep An Old Song Perpetually Young  2/14/20

The Basics Done Well  2/7/20

January, 2020

French Burnt Peanuts – 2020 Edition  1/31/20

Dear Queen Elizabeth – Wherein The Author Humbly Submits A Suggestion To Her Royal Highness Concerning Her Familial Difficulties  1/24/20

Ella Fitzgerald – Lucky So And So: The Other Lady Sings The Blues  1/17/20

A Full Tank  1/10/20

2020: It’s Here – Or Is It?  1/3/20

December, 2019

52  12/27/19

Christmas The Magnavox Way  12/20/19

Memoriam  12/13/19

Here’s Something Cool – In A June Christy Kind Of Way  12/6/19

November, 2019

The Tile  11/29/19

On Leaves, Nuts and Squirrels  11/22/19

Thanks-giv-A?  11/15/19

Claude Thornhill Plays Robbin’s Nest – Cool Jazz In Gestation  11/8/19

Slouching Into Pop Culture Obsolescence – They’re Coming To Take Me Away 11/1/19

October, 2019

A New Toy – Why Is This A Thing?  10/25/19

Musings On Life After College, Daughters And Coffee Tables  10/18/19

Blogging Success – You’ve Got Spam!  10/11/19

Duke Ellington – Main Stem  10/4/19

September, 2019

Offering A Toast To Pop-Tarts  9/27/19

Two Graves – John Dillinger And Louis Chevrolet  9/20/19

Quitting The Newspaper: A Step By Step Guide  9/13/19

Coleman Hawkins (With Charlie Parker) – Bean & Bird Blend In A Ballad  9/6/19

August, 2019

No Fair!  8/31/19

The Law – What Is It, Exactly?  8/23/19

Scrapple: A Love Letter  8/16/19

When Cool Was New – The Miles Davis Nonet Plays Jeru  8/9/19

Reading The Obituaries  8/2/19

July, 2019

How About A Little Thunder?  7/26/19

Making Choices   7/19/19

How Jazz Got All Bixed Up (And Was Never The Same Again)  7/12/19

My German Farmer Problem Revisited  7/5/19

June, 2019

Four Years  6/28/19

Rose Room By The Benny Goodman Sextet – Meet Charlie Christian And His E-Lectric Guitar  6/21/19

What Catholic Renewal Looks Like  6/14/19

Thoughts On A Neighborhood Walk  6/7/19

May, 2019

On Being Held Captive By A German Farmer  5/31/19

Let’s Get Sirius  5/24/19

More Things I Have Learned From Lawyering  5/17/19

Manteca – Jalapeno Bebop  5/10/19

My White Car Blues  5/3/19

April, 2019

Of Chicken And Ice Cream And Politics  4/26/19

Death And Taxes  4/19/19

The Piano Recital  4/12/19

Celebrating Laurel & Hardy  4/5/19

March, 2019

Fun With Ginger Ale And A Slide Rule  3/29/19

My Wild Bachelor Weekend  3/22/19

Are You Dishonest? Or Just Stupid?  3/15/19

How Is The Music Of 1965 Like The World Today?  3/8/19

[Note – most if not all of the music links of the above piece were broken when the source page was taken down by youTube.  I may try to repair them if time allows.  Otherwise, an open youTube window will allow you to find them on your own as you read.]

My Trip To A Tattoo Parlor  3/1/19

February, 2019

The Most Famous Record You Have Never Heard Of (Or The Most Obscure Record You Have Heard A Hundred Times)  2/22/19

Winning The Step-Family Lottery  2/15/19

Jury Duty!  2/8/19

Battle Of The Bands – Miller vs. Goodman and Two Strings Of Pearls  2/1/19

January, 2019

Take A Leter – If You Cann  1/25/19

Snow Day!  1/18/19

Getting To Know My Grandfather – Through A Hand Truck  1/11/19

How I Spent My 2018 – And How You Did Too  1/4/19

December, 2018
Raising A Glass To The New Year  12/28/18

Baby It’s Bad Outside  12/21/18

Killing A Piano  12/14/18

Celebrating Advent – With Spray Paint  12/7/18

November, 2018

216 Miles For A Can Of Stew  11/30/18

Fire Meets Ice: Wherein King Kole And Kenton Kollaborate Under An Orange Colored Sky  11/23/18

The Answer To Life’s Problems  11/16/18

Community  11/9/18

Have You Ever Noticed? (Part 2)  11/2/18

  October, 2018

My Lucky Day  10/26/18

This Movie Reminds Me Of Something  10/19/18

Fryin’ Fish – Is It Jazz Or Rock & Roll?  10/12/18

The Nest Empties  10/5/18

September, 2018

The Accidental Catholic Tourist  9/28/18

A Trial Lawyer’s Secrets For Critical Reading  9/21/18

Strangers In A Strange Land  9/14/18

Finishing A Book  9/7/18

August, 2018

My Take On The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandals  8/31/18

Voices In My Head  8/24/18

How To Get Rich Quick (And Unrich Just As Quickly)  8/17/18

I Am The 1%!  8/10/18

Sarah Vaughan’s Black Coffee – Simply Divine  8/3/18

July, 2018

William F. Harvey – The Original Borking?  7/27/18

King v. Alinsky: Which Man Is Most Influential Today?  7/20/18

My Doomed Love Affair – St. Adalbert Church of Chicago, Illinois  7/13/18

What Is In A Sound?  7/6/18

June, 2018

Driving a 20 Year Old Car – And How I Feel About It  6/29/18

Blogger’s Block  6/22/18

Security: What Has Changed?  6/15/20

Jazz Goes Modern: Dizzy Gillespie – Salt Peanuts (1945)  6/8/18

Two School Shootings, Two Famous People  6/1/18

May, 2018

Have You Ever Noticed?  5/25/18

Things I Have Learned From Lawyering  5/18/18

French Burnt Peanuts: A Redeux  5/11/18

Things I Hate: Going Back To The Gym  5/4/18

April, 2018

President Meets King: Wherein Lester Young and Nat Cole Both Rule  4/27/18

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg . . .  4/20/18

Why This Door Knocker Is My Blog’s Identity  4/13/18

In Defense Of Spam  4/6/18

March, 2018

Things I Don’t Understand: Trump’s Stormy Week  3/30/18

Is A Vacation Without Pictures Still A Vacation?  3/23/18

My New Car Has A Rust Spot  3/16/18

Inflation Explained  3/9/18

Guns: Do Something – But What?  3/2/18

February, 2018

Watching The News In A Nursing Home  2/23/18

Basie Plays Cute  2/16/18

Some Random Thoughts Along The Highway  2/9/18

On Being “That Guy” At The Donut Shop  2/2/18

January, 2018

My Life As A Dual Citizen  1/26/18

Donald Trump At One Year – I Have No Idea  1/19/18

Worst. Pizza. Ever.  1/12/18

Starting The Frozen Car  1/5/18

December 2017

Some Predictions For 2018  12/27/17

Christmas Is Almost Here – Time For Fruitcake!  12/20/17

Carols For Christmas – Two Albums That Have More In Common Than You Might Think  12/15/17

My Favorite Things – JPC 2017 Edition 12/8/17

Dementia And (New) Old Friends  12/1/17

November, 2017

Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Fatherhood Edition (Plus Some Bonus Reading)  11/24/17

What Is This Saints Business, Anyway?  11/17/17

Of Old Houses And Young Men  11/10/17

You Too Can Learn To Be A Coffee Half-Snob  11/3/17

October, 2017

The Reformation: A Cause for Celebration? Or Not?  10/27/17

A Sweetie By Jean Goldkette – A Sample From The Jazz Age  10/20/17

Priests Are People. Who Knew?  10/13/17

How I Spent A Month Entering A Sweepstakes  10/6/17

September, 2017

How To Get Invited To A Drug Bust 9/29/17

Hearing The Voice Of God?  9/22/17

The Swinging Life – 1936 Style  9/15/17

My Accidental Life As A Walnut Farmer  9/8/17

Summer Is Over (And I Think I’m Ready)  9/1/17

August, 2017

Watching Batman 8/25/17

Thoughts On Charlottesville, Nazis, And A Modern Catholic Saint  8/18/17

Chew On This  8/11/17

Death Visits The Neighborhood  8/4/17

July, 2017

Treasures In My Wallet: The Expired Pilot’s License  7/28/17

Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island: You Actually Can Go Home Again  7/21/17

Health Insurance: A Report From The Trenches  7/14/17

A Blog At Two – Some Thoughts  7/7/17

June, 2017

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May, 2017

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April, 2017

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March, 2017

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February, 2017

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January, 2017

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December 2016

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November, 2016

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October, 2016

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September, 2016

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August, 2016

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July, 2016

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June, 2016

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May, 2016

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April, 2016

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March, 2016

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February, 2016

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January, 2016

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December, 2015

Merry Christmas!     12/25/2015

Letting Go     12/18/2015

My Own Little War On Christmas     12/11/2015

Some Questions About Climate Change     12/4/2015

November, 2015

Missing A Friend     11/27/2015

So What Is This Religious Order Business, Anyway?     11/20/2015

Shinin’ Shoes     11/13/2015

Raised By Germans     11/6/2015

October, 2015

Parents Weekend     10/30/2015

Closing Time    10/23/2015

Watching Baseball     10/16/2015

Daylight Slavings    10/9/2015

The Dominican and the Franciscan – An Argument Waiting to Happen or Two Paths to the Same Place?    10/2/2015

September, 2015

So What Is This Pope Business Anyway     9/25/2015

Three Minutes Well Spent     9/18/2015

Jared And Planned Parenthood: Is There A Fundamental Difference?     9/11/2015

Tools Of The Devil     9/4/2015

August, 2015

About Sandcastles, And Why They Matter     8/27/2015

Musings On College, Daughters And Sinatra     8/21/2015

Are You The Hammer Or The Anvil?     8/14/2015

French Burnt Peanuts And Other Disappointments Of Life    8/7/2015

July, 2015

Woody ‘N Me  7/31/2015

Breakfast With An Exorcist  7/24/2015

And So It Begins . . .  7/17/2015