Hello.  I am J. P.  and this is my blog.  I have been at this for over four years now, so feel free to look around and see if you find anything you like.  I am working on a more accessible index so that things will be easier to find, but isn’t browsing half the fun?  In any case, I will try to keep things interesting.

I am an attorney living in central Indiana.  I have written on old cars at Curbside Classic for a few years now, and have tried to broaden the scope of my writing here.   My goal is to have fresh content bright and early every Friday morning, and I strive for something with a little meat to it.  I am trying to mix the topics up a bit, so we may bounce from serious topics of life and faith to some lighter things about classic jazz music, or maybe just a good chuckle.

Yes, everyone tells me that to be successful in today’s environment, a blog has to focus on one thing.  That, however, is not how I roll here.  Instead, I like to think that this is more of a way to share things that interest me in a way that will make them interesting to you as well.

When I write about faith issues it is from the perspective of a faithful Catholic.  I came to the faith late which may be why I am really into it.  I am also a longtime lover of music, classic jazz in particular.  If you you can smile and nod along to my half-serious opinion that the long-play record ruined jazz, consider yourself a friend.  Finally, I like to look around and observe.  Our world has so many things to see and consider and you will find my take on some of those things here.

Comments are encouraged – with one house rule:  Don’t be a jerk.  This is a friendly place where we can enjoy each others’ company, and I am confident that we can all keep it that way.  Serious topics can touch on strong opinions and I am fine with comments sharing some of them so long as it is done in a thoughtful and respectful way.  I believe that we can all learn something from each other.

Let’s see how this goes, shall we?  And I hope to see you around.

Oh, one more thing.  As a lawyer, you just had to figure that I would copyright what I have written and any of my own photographs which I have shared here, you would be right about that.  I therefore reserve all rights to material that I have created.

OK, maybe two – everything here reflects my own personal views and not those of any client, employer, or anyone else in my life.  Unless there is some satire going on, in which case it isn’t my view either.


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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there
    As a fledgling blogger, I have read so much advice about niches that I found your relaced approach quite refreshing.
    Looking forward to going through the rest of your content. Thank you


    • Thank you! And here I sometimes wonder if I am wasting time with my more serendipitous approach instead of something more focused. I guess the world has room for both of us. 🙂


  2. J.P. Don’t know how to get a hold of you, but a great story in todays NYT about a hidden and now discovered copy of Coltranes “Love Supreme” from a live Seattle date, recorded on a musicians Akai reel-to-reel (hey, Used to have one of those). I guess they’re releasing it, or it’s just released. Worth a read…

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