How I Spent My 2018 – And How You Did Too


2018 is now in the books.  I was hoping to have a fabulous blog post ready for today, but with the holiday and all, things were moving more slowly than we might expect.  Or perhaps exactly as slowly as we might expect.

Never fear, though, because I can offer you a snapshot on how things are going here.  Yeah, yeah . . . , others did this sort of thing as their last post of 2018.  But we do things a bit differently here (as some say on TV).  And besides, I now have complete data to share.

2018 was the fourth year in a row of a dramatic improvement in viewership, although things are leveling off.  Just three shy of 15,600 page views for the year is the final figure.  Not nothing, but hardly impressive.  I suppose I could concentrate on topics that generate tons of hits, but then this wouldn’t be the same place it is now.  And I like the kind of place it is now.

Views were up by about one third, and while that is great, it is not as great as each prior year that doubled views from the year before.  Oh well, up is up and I am happy with it.

I have pretty much stopped promoting this blog on Facebook and have never really pushed it on other forms of social media.  It has received a bit of a boost from my tie-in at, so there is that.  Mostly the growth this year has been organic and natural.  Which is a good thing.

What were the top five posts?  They were (in reverse order for a little drama):

5.  My New Car Has A Rust Spot was a lament on how quickly things age, and how much we fail to notice that aging until we are forced into it.  For those who wonder, I finally did something about the rust on my still-seems-new car, a process that I chronicled over at Curbside Classic.  It looks good.

4.  Throwing Out A Potted Plant was written nearly three years ago and expressed my long and complicated relationship with a potted plant in my office.  The plant reminded me of my father.  Unfortunately, the plant also had to endure my not-very-green thumb before it was finally time for us to part.  I am amazed that it continues to get hits.

3.  Driving A 20 Year Old Car – And How I Feel About It was inspired by the summer I drove my daughter’s elderly Honda Civic.  And how my over-active imagination had difficulty coping with such a vanillamobile.  It was a fun post to write, but another that surprises me by its popularity.

2. The Dominican and the Franciscan – An Argument Waiting to Happen or Two Paths to the Same Place?  This post from October of 2015 has proved to be an evergreen, drawing a click or three week in and week out.  I guess wondering about the difference between these two well known Catholic religious orders is more widespread than I first imagined.

1.  Longtime readers will not be surprised that my post entitled French Burnt Peanuts and Other Disappointments of Life was once again my most popular for the year (as has been the case each past year), with 528 page views.  The French Burnt Peanut fans of the world want to know what’s up with their missing candy, and I have tried to be of service.  I find it interesting that the taste test I wrote about this past year in which I compared some of the other available brands  (French Burnt Peanuts – A Redeux) only managed to place 31st in views.  I suppose once folks find out the Real Deal is gone, they lapse into a funk and don’t care to settle on what’s left.

And then there is the issue of where all of those clicks come from. I continue to be amazed at the interest shown from different countries around the world.  Although the United States is far and away the main audience for these musings, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Slovakia and Finland are the next five in number of views, all from 2,000 to 200 for the year. And below them are thirty other countries that clicked in at least double digits.  As much as I appreciate those views, I am afraid I lack the time to say “hello and thank you” in the language of each country.  So I will say “hello and thank you” in English.

So there is the report.  In summary, it could be better and could be worse.  But I don’t really care that much because I still enjoy the time I spend here at my keyboard and (especially) the interaction with those of you who comment.

So to conclude, thanks for reading and in return for your time I will try to not bore you.  And a happy and blessed 2019 to one and all!

9 thoughts on “How I Spent My 2018 – And How You Did Too

  1. These are very respectable stats, so a congratulations is definitely in order!

    May you, Mrs. JPC, and the JP Clan have a terrific 2019!


  2. Very nice. Best wishes for 2019 you guys. I’m not too hung up on stats, or number of comments. When I write for CC really I’m writing for myself and about 10-20 other people, present company included.


    • Thanks Doug. You have a very healthy outlook about these things. I try to be that way, but will admit that all things being equal, more views/comments are better than fewer of them. 🙂


      • That’s true, getting a good batch of comments is rather gratifying isn’t it? It could always be worse, Tom Klockau is cranking out daily brougham CCs for Baruth and consistently getting 2-5 comments per article.


  3. “Just three shy of 15,600 page views for the year is the final figure. Not nothing, but hardly impressive.” Oh, if you only knew what kind of statistics some of us other bloggers sport. I wouldn’t sell that figure short there, sir.


  4. Well done JP! I am glad to be your acquaintance and to be one of your viewer/commentators from Canada. I’ll go and have a read of the peanuts post. Those legumes attract my interest from time to time, mostly because of my son’s anaphylactic allergy to them. Better to know all you can about them and where they could pop up next. Like the time he was in Philly for work and found a place that had the best French fries he had ever eaten, until he noticed later that they were fried in peanut oil! He is much more careful than that now, and he does carry his Epi-pen everywhere to avoid an attack..

    Best wishes for 2019!


    • Thanks Lee. I once had a college job in a potato chip factory which fried the chips in 100 o/o peanut oil. Back then I had never heard of anyone with a peanut allergy. But they were good chips.


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