It’s Christmas Eve – Don’t You Have Something Else To Do?

I sure do. That’s why this will be short. I am too far into this blog project without a re-run to start now, so you will just have to be satisfied with original content, never mind the quality. It’s the thought that counts – isn’t that what our mothers always told us?

My typical writing method involves writing whenever I get some free time. Some pieces that require more research get work done on them over multiple weeks, and others get banged out on one sitting. Only very rarely do they

go from germinating concept to “hit the publish button, already” on the Thursday evening before things go live (like this one, which remains a sentimental favorite of mine, partly for this reason). This is actually not one of those, but only because I know that Christmas Eve Eve will have an overflowing to-do list and a dwindling time for checking things off. This blog post is item #67 on that list.

Better writers than me would be able to sit down and block out all of the mental stresses of the season in order to write something that evokes the idea of sitting before a warm fire with a holiday cocktail at hand and loved ones sharing the sofa.

That is always the brochure-version of my Christmas eve – JPC’s Christmas Eve (as envisioned by advertising writers). My actual, real-life Christmas eve is never anything like this. Instead, it is a dawn to dusk sprint that involves last-minute shopping, last minute cleaning, last minute cooking and baking, and (blessedly, finally) last-minute collapse into bed, exhausted to the point of wishing to just sleep through the whole thing and catch up with everyone after.

But somehow it all gets pulled together, and I am sure that will happen this year too. It will not, however, happen while I sit at a keyboard. In fact, there is but a single preparation for the holiday that can be accomplished in this way, and here it is: May each of you have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

(Wow, look at me go. Just 66 more items to cross off the list and I can light that fireplace and pour that drink!)

20 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve – Don’t You Have Something Else To Do?

  1. Ha Ha, J.P. Merry Christmas! As a lifelong bachelor, I have no idea of what you’re talking about! All I’m doing is putting some flowers on my parents grave and over the next 24 hours talking with my sibs. Like most of my holidays, nice and quiet. Enjoy whatever you’re doing…

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  2. I need a drink now, my neighbour started his snowblower at 7:15 which was completely unnecessary, he didn’t have anywhere to go. Mrs DougD is at the grocery store, calling me to check things in the fridge. I miss the old days where you made a list beforehand.

    Pretty typical 24th, have a lovely Christmas all.

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    • Hopefully your life calmed down later in the day! Mine did not, as I came down with some flu-like symptoms (that turned out to be not Covid, so yay instant test). But with Christmas Day getting to 60 degrees F, there were no snow blowers.


  3. A typical 24th to be had here also – cleaning, cooking, and cleaning a bit more. Theoretically, we have everything for tomorrow’s meal and it will only be three of us, so I’m not sure what all the fuss has been.

    Regardless, have a Merry Christmas!

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    • Our crowd went from 8 to 6 due to one couple being exposed to Covid, and then I picked something up that I feared might be Covid but turned out not to be. It all came together, though.


  4. I enjoyed the vintage photographs. I find my Christmases are much more relaxed and organized since I retired….when I was still working I was often too exhausted to enjoy the day at all. Merry Christmas to both you and Marianne!

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