It’s 2016 . . .


. . . . and I’m unprepared to begin it.  At least here on this blog.  I spent yesterday moving office furniture.  And today – moving more office furniture.

It is 8:40 pm on New Year’s Eve and we are headed out to the party hosted by some old friends who have invited us for many years.  I may get time to proofread this when I get back, or perhaps I will not.  [I did, in case you are curious.]

2015 started out so well when I bought the red Mazda Miata that I have wanted for twenty five years (which you can read about here, if you are inclined.)  But in many ways, 2015 was not one of my best years.

But 2016 starts fresh (as all of them do, I suppose.)  And this not-very-insightful comment is all I have for this week.  But hey, if the Wall Street Journal has the day off, why not me?

Anyhow, it is my New Year’s wish that each of you has a happy, prosperous and blessed 2016.

2 thoughts on “It’s 2016 . . .

  1. Hey Jim! My 2015 has ended with a bang of sorts (new job, potentially the best one I’ve had in a while) and I’m hoping to keep the mojo going into the future. Many blessings to you and yours today and the rest of the year.


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